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Oct 3, 2012 7:00pm EDT
in the united states. recently, this debate over the attack in libya. romney came out and suggested that obama was sympathetic with those who attacked the embassy there. so there is all this bitterness. they're coming in with it. both men have been coached to not let that come through. mitt romney specifically, rob portman has been told to push his buttons and teach romney how not to be testy and attack obama tonight. he wants to come off as likable. >> when did you arrive in denver? how heavy spent the day today? what have you seen? >> i arrived monday. the first thing i did was go to a rally here in denver with mitt romney. over the last day, i have been observing people in town for the debate. a lot of protesters. as i was walking into the debate, occupy wall street people. there were protesters outside romney's event. i was surprised in comparison to the debates for years ago. i covered john mccain. it seems there were not as many people outside protesting the debates. i do know if that has changed the q. what can you tell us about the governor's preparations -- -- >> what can you tell us
Oct 11, 2012 7:00pm EDT
, let me tell you what barack had to say. i have a record of getting things done in the united states. my record shows that on controversial issues. i would be the point person for our administration. when asked if i wanted a portfolio, my response was no. barack obama indicated he wanted me to be with him to help him governmen. i will give my bested by spirit one of the things he said early on -- i will give my best. i look forward to working with barack and playing a very constructive role in his presidency, creating the type of change this country needs. >> there was a lot of concern four years ago that he did not seem to be arrogant toward sarah palin or not patronizing toward her, that would be a better word. and there are no such concerns tonight. he's going to be more aggressive against paul ryan than he was against sarah palin. and of course he won't be -- there's the question that he was answering then, you know, kind of what kind of vice president he would be. his answer on a question like that would be different tonight because of course he's been vice president for four ye
Oct 22, 2012 7:00pm EDT
regardless of how long the united states stays in the middle east, it would change, not one thing. before the united states was ever a country, they were fighting. and they will be fighting until the lord comes. i just did not think that going over there and trying to put our way on those people continually does anything. president bush went into iraq when there was no need to go into iraq, even though saddam hussein was a dictator and an evil man. >> they can for the call. next, cynthia, from georgia. >> i am calling to ask mitt romney two questions. one question is he thinks he could be such a good foreign policy person, why has he never taken an interest in abroad before? the second question i would ask him would be, what about his son? why have none of them stood up and fought for this country? the things i cannot understand is you cannot be a person that has these four policies and love america so hard and kept your family so insulated. i would like him to address why he has insulated them from everything, and all but sudden he thinks he can come on the world stage and fool everybody
Oct 16, 2012 7:00pm EDT
the constitution of the united states and everybody should have the equity his back door policies -- there are 30 states that are up in voter suppression. they're all from republican states. i would like to know what his position is in terms of what -- is a specific group? is it supposed to be everybody? i have not been a response is about that. i would also ask him about jobs. when he was with bain capital and when he has had the american people -- the chinese people to take over, the jobs that were created while he was part of bain. it seems to me that there is some contradictions in terms of what freedom, liberty, and justice ming. it does not -- and justice mean. the 47% that you really don't care about. >> thank you. janet brown who we saw earlier, talking to some of the folks in the town hall audience. hofstra university was founded in 1935. 12 balls and 500 students. 100 -- 12,500 students. some facts about the host school tonight. the top locations for presidential debates are these -- washington university in st. louis has boasted -- has posted four altogether. center college has had to.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4